Internet Archive:[PR8] The biggest Non profit Public virtual library archiving collections in digital format. Categorized by media type(Webpages, texts, audio, moving images, software.) and using keywords, gives the possibility to bookmark. In parallel, is an a subscription service including several National Libraries and Archives around the world to create web collections. Update! Bookmark explorer lets users browse other poeples bookmarks.
[1996] [About] [User]
Some features: Thumshots. Archive. Download. Podcast player. Rating. Review. Advanced search page(contain/does not contain Title/Creator/Description/Collection/Mediatype/Date+custom, metadata, author…). CC license.
Tools: Submit to Weybackmachine bookmarklet. Statistics.
  • Listible!:[PR6] Web 2.0 style service using tags. For listing and voting, where voting (+/-) sorts each items, so the most ‘+voted’ links are at the top of the page. Different from digg-style, the comments are for the hole list. Has tags. In page login(The button by the comments).
  • Listerlister:[PR6] Same system as Listible! without commenting but has moderation.
  •[PR7] Social Bookmarks with voting and karma, Network and categories using sub-domains (sub-reddit). Like, resort higher rated items but also lets you send a message while submitting. See Digg-like apps.
    [2005] [Python] [23 languages] [Index of /] [Index of //RSS] [Wikipedia]
  • SWiK:[PR7] The Open Software Wiki, Web 2.0 style community driven resource for open source software using Tags, Ajax and Textile markup. Users get their own page where they can add a wiki, a blog, feeds and bookmarks. [Example] [Interview] [No Forwarding URL]
  • And all the public side bookmarks or tag libraries some sites have like, LinkDump, link-o-matic, NBCHS, ShootingNZ: Public bookmark manager about shooting sports.
    SiteLibrary ~ Bookmarks Parking Directory: A project to organize browser favorites into a searchable bookmarks directory. Provides internet favorites storage, with a quick-add bookmarklet, personalized categories, site descriptions and keywords, search, topic area for crosslinking similar bookmarks, and listings of new, popular, and top-rated sites.
    The Link Collection Is Also Online: "Exciting links for boring days in no particular order." where everybody can submit exciting links.

    Semi-Public Social Bookmarks:

    Limited sharing - shared only to other registered users or by knowing the users URL.[info]

    1. Blue Dot*:[PR6] (BETA) previously called Blue.Us. Released on the 14th Juin 2006. Web2.0 social network and bookmarks network using Tags. Internal messages and comments tracking with notification, related tags and ’see who bookmarked’[info]
      [14/06/06] [Blog/RSS] [review] [User]
      Some features: Import from with tags. Tabbed user page showing friends, bookmarks, related tags. Search all/user/my bookmarks/people. View users by activity or Alpha. View bookmarks by list or image and tag; Organize friends by lists; Internal mail; Mail; Import contects from AOL/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo; Invite and manage invitations; Profile with Avatar;User page themes; one click friend request;
      Bookmarking features: 2 click in page copy(click-note/tag-click), 2 click delete(click confirme); description; add comment; suggest while you type; choose image from the page.
      Tools: in page bookmarklet with text clipping and possibility to choose extracted images. Search bookmarklets(link, link). IE toolbar. Blogsync. 4 Blog widgets with preview(Images/Flash/Links/headings only). RSS/2.0/Atom 1.0/Atom 2.0
      What’s special: Let’s you quickly login even using the bookmarklet without loseing the page! Pre-entered tags.
    2.[PR4] Text based interface. Bookmarks are shared via groups.
      Some Features: Delete account(!), Folders,Export(HTML), Import with remove duplicates(Firefox, IE, Opera, Netscape), Delete all bookmarks, RSS, Stats, Private/Public groups.
      Tools: bookmarklet
    3. Lilisto:[PR4] Social bookmarks using tags. Other users bookmarks can be accessed using ’smart categories’(rules). Fully functional demo available.
      Some Features: In page edit. Mouseover toolbar. Rating. Notes. Categories, Smart categories with rules witch can include public bookmarks(everyone, mine, not mine), Private/Public. Sorting(A-Z, Most Visited, Least Visited, Rating, added date, visited date) Import is to come…
      Tools: bookmarklet
      What’s special: The ’smart categories’
    4. memotoo:[PR3] multi social service (bookmarks, addressbook, canlendar, agenda, file storage and editor, ) with mobile support. Bookmarks use folders and are shared giving your friends your URL. Demo avilable.
      [English/French] [API] [forum] [News/RSS]
      Some bookmark Features: Bookmarks shared via rss,xml,html,pdf. Rating, Favicons. Mouseover thumbshots, Import/Export(from IE firefox) and support for the other tools ( ex: address book with import/export outlook, mozilla, palm, Gmail, yahoo, CVS, LDAP access…)
      Tools: Bookmarks are added using an iframe toolbar or a Firefox/IE right click extension. Sidebar. Firefox and Thunderbird extensions for export, import, sync to the other tools. Netvibes and Google personalized modules. Virtual desktop for windows. Webfolder access for files. icalendar, vcalendar and vcard export in calendar and addressbook.
    5. Mobleo: Semi-social bookmarks using tags for mobiles. Allows to share tags with your selected network.
    6. MyFavoritesOnline*:[PR3] Shared to registered users though groups. 15€.
      Some Features: Import from IE, Drop-down menu, Folders, Show/Hide Advertisements, Most and Last visited. Can be viewed in the sidebar.
      Tools: Windows programme to import.
    7. Philoi:[PR4] Non-profit Organisation. Person to person sharing using url/Username.
      Some Features: Tags, Directory, Comments, Rating, Share, Viewed/Unviewed(bold), Fans, Send/Receive links to friends, Rating, Public/private, Community Links, User (with profile page with image and email).
      Tools: Required Firefox toolbar.
    8. StartAid:[PR5] Bookmarks are shared via public groups to registered users.
      Some Features: Start Page, Password protect Categories, Thumbshots, Duplicate Checker, Link Checker, Layout/Appearance configuration, did not see any bookmarklets nor import.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, IE toolbar,Has a demo login(Username : demo, Password : demo).

    Search-Engines with Bookmarking:

    1. Ambedo:[PR4] Tag Search engine. Submit, tag links and search engines, can also be used like Yubnub.
      Some Features: Live search results, Inpage edit
    2. Clipfire:[PR7] Social shopping and search, to help the user find the best deals. [Review]
      Some features: Shows the price. Comments, Rating, Copy from public bookmarks (clip)View Popular, Clipped or New. RSS. Encouraged to include an affiliate ID. Affiliated to Amazon, eBay, Travelocity, Best Buy,, and many more.
    3. Google History Bookmarks: BETA Private bookmarking from search results. Intergrates with Google Notes.
      Some Features: Add bookmark manully, One click save in your history. Labels, Notes, In page edit. Ability to remove items from history. ‘Trends’ lists your top searches, top sites, most clicked and a shows your activity. Multiple picture upload. Multi language support.,…use the same account, not like Amazon.
      Tools: bookmarklet User made tools: Add to Google Bookmarks bookmarklet by bluedot. Firefox extensions: Google Bookmarks Button, gBrain

    Social Networks with bookmarking integrated:

    (bookmarking, listing, discussions and/or writing.)

    1. BlinkBits:[PR6] Web 2.0 style Social Network, linkblog, bookmarks and RSS aggregator.Now also has a digg like button.
      Some Features: Ajax One click copy. Add Bookmark page has Title, description, URL, RSS, Image URL, Tags(topics), Add RSS to userpage or to Blink. Once added it takes you to a page listing it’s relative tags. Bookmark and Blog editor has HTML, BBcode and smilies. Friends, Messages. Add this RSS to Google, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator, MyMSN, MyAOL, RSS to Email. Bookmark page to, Digg, Furl, Netvouz, reddit, Wink and Yahoo MyWeb
      Tools: 4 bookmarklets: Save, Get RSS feed, Get information from Wikipedia or BlinkBits of the highlighted word, Google toolbar button. RSS feed builder by keyword from wikipedia or BlinkBits with ‘add to your RSS reader’ buttons. RSS2JS Linkroll generator.
    2. Fanpop: Beta. Social network with topics and be fans with link submission by ’spot’ (topic groups) using categories and tags. [Ruby on Rails/JS] [02/08/06] [Review]
      Some features: Forums, syndicated headlines, for each ’spot’. One click in page join group. One click rate and change rating. Custom banner and icons for spot creations. Internal massages. Very complete profile with address, gender, age, avatar, website, preferred book, movie… Optional iframe toolbar browsing.
      Bookmarks for links, videos, music with rating, comments, content types, tags and descriptions.
      Tools: ???
    3. folkd:[PR6] Web 2.0 style Social Network and Bookmarks using Tags, folders and voting. (also listed under digg style)[English/German/French/Spanish] [Review]
      Some features: Notes. Internal messages. Media storage and player. Possibility to hide different languges. Item moderation like, duplicate…) Action Tags[info]
      Tools: Required sidebar extension
    4. Lycos IQ:[PR6] (beta) One of Web 2.0 style Social network services including Q&A, email, chat..and social bookmarks using tags.
      [04/2006] [Blog/RSS]
      Some features: Private/Friends/Public Search All/Q&A/Bookmarks/Members. Search Tags. Related Tags. 2 Click copy keeping tags. RSS. Automatic title extraction. Tags suggestion. Possibility to add bookmarks as ‘top’, like favorites.
      Tools: bookmarklet(pop up)
    5. NowPublic :[PR6] by Michael Tippett. Web 2.0 style Social network with bookmarks, photos, video, blogging service using Tags. Interface is quite original, bookmarks opens original page in an iframe with menu placement options, users can edit tags, add comments, photos, RSS, post to, digg this…IE/Firefox extension with highlight feature [info] [Blog/RSS]
      Tools: bookmarklet.
    6. Multiply:[PR7] Social Network using tags, one page for everything with blogging, calendar, shreduls, reviews, album photo, videos and bookmarking collections.
      [06/04] [Blog/RSS] [user]
    7.[PR5] Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks and Network using Tags.
      Some Features: Groups. Rating. Report Spam. Search Text/Tag My/Profile/All bookmarks. One by one tagging. Internal mail. Avatar
      Tools: Bookmarklet. My/Friends Tag Cloud widget
    8. StumbleUpon:[PR7] Web 2.0 style Social Network for recommending with ratings, tags and user tag clouds.
      Tools: Required Extension.

    Subject/niche Specific:

    1. Koolweb2:[PR4] Public submission of web application using categories and drag and drop sorting for rating.
    2.[PR5] invitation-only beta mode. List, Share and Recommend Anything, from Anywhere.
    3. Stylehive (ALPHA):[PR6] Web2.0 style Social bookmarks with tags and images focused on products and shopping. New: Import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN Hotmail and Outlook. [Blog/RSS] [Review] [Interview]
      Some Features: Bookmarking conests. Email/Send. Wishlist tag listing. View bookmark’s/User’s tags and active users. Related tags. Tag RSS. Add and copy bookmark page have Collected tags and images from the page. Insert selected text. Comments, Price in many currencies, dtae, time, address, tags, for(For who the item is for). Profile page has: Name, Avatar, URL, Contry, Year of birth, Gender, Postal Code, Phone number, comment and preference listing many languages.
      Tools: Bookmarklet(with copy highlighted text feature) Widget and Typepad widget.
      What’s special: Possibility to add multiple images of nearly any size, giving Stylehive a gallery impression. Copying a bookmark enables to choose other images.
    4. Techcheatsheets:[PR5] Public bookmarks for cheatsheets using tags, no login is required for rating. Manual submission.
      [Ruby on Rails]

    Web Annotations or Clipmark sites:

    (Annotations require extensions)

    1. Diigo:[PR4] Does not requier an extension. See under Social Bookmark Managers.
    2. Google Notebook:[PR7] New One of Google labs products that lets you annotate, clip text, images. Google search results have a ‘note this’ button that will popup a small in page div for adding and editing previous notes.[review]
      Some Features: One click add notebook from search results. One click add note manualy. One click add notebook. 2 click make public. One click print to PDF and HTML. Notes with expande/collaps, WYSIWYG editor. Search my/public notebooks + Google web search.
      Tools: Extensio

    Special Bookmarking:

    1. MyTago:[PR5] Special kind of social bookmarks for mobiles using tags, related to RQ-codes.


    1. ensiting!: Social bookmarking for sending links. Sign-in requiered for additinal features.
      Tools: Firefox entension. Bookmarklet, Blog widget.
    2. Fazed: Forum community with Social bookmarking using categories.
    3. LifeLogger:[PR4] Blogging platform and community with bookmarking and tags, were even their navigation menu uses a Tag Cloud. Many blogging platforms have bookmarks(Opera, MSN…) or links but Lifelogger has a global search engine for them.
    4. Tagos:[PR3] web application for categorizing information using tags, supports links.

    Other Languages:

    1. 365Key:[PR6] Chinese
    2. Refreshing to welcome page…:Brazilian social bookmarks using tags.
    3. Alltagz: German social bookmarks using tags.
    4. Baqoo:[PR4] Japanese, using tags and thumbshots.
    5. BLINK: Japanese version of BlinkPro.
    6. Bokee:[PR7] Chinese multi service with weblogs and bookmarks and blogging.(-at least I think: It’s integrated in Flock, so it must bookmark.)
    7. BlogPeople Tags:[PR4] Japanese. Poeple powered search with bookmarking and tagging.
    8. Russian.
    9. Bookmacro :[PR3] Japanses with drag and drop for managing iTunes favorits.
    10. French, text-based.
    11. bookuma:[PR3] Japanese for mobiles using tags.
    12. bukkuma-ku no mori:[PR5] Japanese social bookmarks.
    13. CoRich:[PR4] Japanese social network including social bookmarks and a social news like digg called CoRich Newsclip.
    14. Favolink:[PR4] French social bookmarks
    15. Favorites:[PR4] Chinese social bookmarks using tags.
    16. Beta, dutch social bookmarks with rating.
    17. flash-clip:[PR4] Japanese with Tags and Thumnshots.
    18. The English Department at Florida State University:[PR2] Japanese social bookmarks with Thumbshots.
    19. Dutch, simple text based social bookmarks.
    20. Flog:[PR5] (Frog) Japanese multi service with bookmark Thumbshots.
    21. Gootza:[PR5] French for recomendations
    22. HotPhpper:[PR3] Japanese social bookmarks for PHP
    23. / -[PR5] German social bookmarks.
    24. INEFFABILE | Social Bookmarks |:[PR4] italan social bookmarks using categories and tags.
    25. JoltMark:[PR4] Japanese social bookmarks with drag and drop by [Index of //RSS] ]
    26. karigane:[PR3] Japanese, text-based with Tags.
    27. Hatena:[PR7] Popular Multi Japanese service. It has a lot of user made tools and bookmarklets. (ex. Alpha Clipper Clips, MixClips, mocchira.breeze.) [News/RSS] [User]
    28. HemiDemi:[PR4] Chinese, still Beta. Don’t think it has an import feature.
    29.[PR6] French, public social bookmarks
    30.[PR5] German popular Scuttle
    31. Salveaza, impartaseste si clasifica link-urile favorite:[PR4] Romanian using tags, thumbshots, in page music player.
    32. linkBlog:[PR4] Dutch and Brasilian Portuguese public with tags.
    33. LinkMeter:[PR3] German.
    34. Linkologia:[PR4] Polish.
    35. LinkStore: Russian.
    36. LiveBm:[PR4] German.
    37. ListFreak:[PR4] Japanese for listing
    38. livedoor lislog:[PR6] Japanese, like listible. [via]
    39. MesFavs:[PR4] French Scuttle
    40. Ãœbersicht | | Social Bookmarking Tool:[PR5] German Social bookmarks with tagging
    41. Moë Russian.
    42. NiftyClip:[PR5] Japanese, Tags using Ajax [via]
    43. Okiniiri-zu:[PR2] Japanese social bookmarks using Tags.
    44. Oneview:[PR5] German social bookmark and community
    45.[PR5] Greek and English service for collecting and shareing knowledge, but seems mainly used by Greek users.
    46. PingKing:[PR5] Japanese, social bookmarks with rating a bit like digg.
    47. RSS drecom:[PR5] Japanese, Aggregator and clipping using Tags.
    48. Saaf bookmark Japanese, tags and images or thumbshots
    49. Segnalo:[PR6] Italian social bookmarks with tags.
    50. SocialDust:[PR4] Italian
    51. Snippy:[PR4] Japanese Social bookmarks.
    52. synClick: Japanese, with favicons. [+14/12/06]
    53. tag.artefact:[PR4] Swiss German Scuttle
    54. Ãœbersicht | | Social Bookmarking Tool:[PR4] German.
    55. TagMos:[PR4] Dutch Scuttle with thumbshots
    56. TagSpot: Polish social bookmarks using tags.
    57. TagSpot Video: Polish social bookmarks for videos using tags.
    58. Textnotes:[PR4] German Social Bookmarks and annotation.
    59. toodoo » Найди своих!: NEW! Russian community with bookmark star rating.
    60. Wat vinden wij over:[PR5] Dutch, public with Tags and Thumbshots. Quite nice,
    61.[PR5] Chinese, like Web 2.0 - Web2.0List, public collecting of web 2.0 applications..
    62. webarchives folksonomy:[PR3] Japanese, tags bookmarks, media and any file format. [via]
    63. Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers:[PR4] Japanese social bookmarks with Thumbshots.
    64. Wykop:[PR4] Polish social bookmarks with Gavatars.
    65. Xoolyx News:[PR4] French, collaborative news site like CommonTimes or Wikio
    66. Zenlog α:[PR3] Japanes Social Bookmarks and aggregator (public).

    Popularity: 33%

    Bookmark :
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    #1 Some new stuff: | NetFreeInfo on 10.04.07 at 1:01 pm

    […] Here is list of 300 Social Bookmarking sites. This is one hell of a list of public and private sites with an array of categories all tested as working. Thanks to ajaxflakes for this one. [?] Share This Social Bookmarking Thank you for reading this post. You can now Leave A Comment (0) or Leave A Trackback. […]

    #2 bucs0658 on 10.04.07 at 1:04 pm

    This is the craziest list I have ever seen. Ajaxflakes ROCKS. Thanks for all the effort! I am throwing up a link on my blog now.

    #3 anil on 10.04.07 at 1:08 pm

    hey i guess you missed a lot there

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    ” bucs0658 ” thanks for the kind words :)

    ANil thumbs up for the update but the scope of this compilation was
    to list bookmarking services which could “store, organize, share”

    while pligg (digg clone software) and digg like sites although social(sharing) they are inconvenient towards the purpose of storing and organizing of your links online.

    hence the term “book”marking as it entails storing and organizing as they have served book readers for hundreds of years.

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