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nanlyzing with touchgraph I was surfing the net a while ago and found this way cool applet i thought i might share with you , this cool applet allows you to scrunge the WWW in a semantic structure, meaning you will surf by meaning rather than to a set of (pre)defined linkage structure. The Java applet lets you search the internet from a "helicopter view", giving you the ability to see hundreds if not thousands of results at the same time.making it a handy internet-ontology research tool.empowering you to see patterns i data forming, link building, community forming, seo-insights and much much more. You can follow data visully by expanding so called "clusters" or "nodes" of centralized information following extensions as you please.

Touchgraph does not merely limit you to online easily accesible data but you can also feed it information from your own research projects just pop your data into an XML file, Excel sheet or most any other format and feed it to this hungry information consuming juggernaut and see your data in a whole new way. Touchgraph has a clean and easy to use UI thus making it accessible to novice and expert.

Developers can now make their own with the Touchgraph Source

quick how to

  • Make sure you have the latest verion of java, Java 1.5
  • Type in your search keywords or a URL, and press "Graph It!"
  • Say "Run" when asked "Do you want to trust the signed applet?"
  • Disable popup blockers to allow launching websites!
  • enter keyword or URL to get started
  • Press start to start touchgraphing!

start touchgraphing

Like it?! now you can try semantic browsing to facebook and amazon too!

Other features of Touchgraph

  • Control what is displayed in the graph using a wide range of well-organized filters and settings
  • Show or hide nodes based on their type and attribute thresholds
  • Navigate by moving a local field of view within the larger graph
  • Visual cues such as size, shape, and color indicate items’ categories, relationships, and relative importance
  • Proprietary layout techniques produce aesthetic arrangements that reveal the patterns hidden within your data
  • Get a new perspective by "grabbing" and moving items of interest. The graph responds to your actions instantly, arranging itself into new, meaningful orientations

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