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BlipBack is a funky new service that offers you offer video comments on your website or blog you can even place it on your profile on one of your fav social networks.

Enabling your users to give "live" feedback and comments trough integration with your webcam. The player has a sleek look similar to whatyou recognize from video-widgets fom other video networks such as youtube, showing thumbnails of other commentators and the rating of each comment. Comments are sortable from old-to new and vice-versa, or by rating. I am actually quite enthousiatic about the service and have integrated it in this blog as an experiment, don’t expext to much as this blog has only started this week but we`ll get there :), see for yourselves at the comment section below. Also you are able to sort via most viewed and you can subscribe to the videos by RSS.

To add a comment all you need is a webcam or a cameraphone and send it to the adress provided within the widget, thus you can keep in touch while on the move.This way groups can have a remote way to create social video streamings on a website, similar to Cellblock or Pickle.

They also offer another option which is BlipBomb. While at first a bit oblivious about the difference it seems it more of a video channel to view comment treads, tooo bad it doesn`t have an automatic playback of all comments in chronologic order but this would definetly be a good feature for the future of this service.

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#1 robots on 09.07.07 at 5:29 am


blipBomb is actually a comment leaving tool! Its for use on sites like MySpace - where comment blocks are allowed to receive flash movies! See an example here on a myspace page:


If you look at the comment area - where myspace users normally comment - you will see that video can be embedded!

And if your comment blocks allowed Flash - you would see one here too! (try opening up your comments to embeds!

#2 Jest Staffel on 09.07.07 at 7:07 am

geez yeah but opening public comments up to embeds opens a whole can a security issues, might just add it i later when my blog gets busier.

but cool myspace profile it sure shows the interactivity (and weirdness) it can develop for your commenting stream.

just wonder if you could somehow delete video-comments if they are spam or just unfriendly. if not i`ll definitely stick with “regular” wordpress comments for the moment. i mean it can be cool for myspace but for a professional developers news blog i wonder….

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