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2008 Mashup challenge awards Launch

In 17 days, on the first of October, Mashup Challenge will launch an international contest, offering developers a competition in a creating a fresh, web 2.0 mashup..

For all of you who do not know precisely what a mashup is, Its is "a combination of two or more available data sources which create a new experience that enriches the abilities of them both by unifying them for a general purpose". For example, Dewspot is a mashup that integrates features of Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, and Flickr into one central service.

So what’s so different the Mashup Challenge? Well, it will be a competition between developers, but most importantly the mashup that each developer builds must use a pre-selected group of API’s.

Mashup Challenge

Four times a year (quarterly), developers will be given a period of no more than 90 days to create a unique and innovative mashup from the list of random API’s that are provided by MashupChallenge.

The folks at Mashup Awards are the brains behind this new contest, which still has yet to release much information. As of now, the website features a clock counting down to the official launch. Also, it is allowing anyone interested to sign up to receive email updates when the competition begins.

The Mashup Awards is a hand-picked showcase of some of the best mashups on the web. Submissions are judged based on 5 major criteria. Lazy Library, which was just covered on Profy, just happens to be the September winner for mashup of the month.

Mashup Challenge has not revealed any information about prizes or how the entries will be scored or judged, but for developers, this may be the chance to get some recognition for hard work.

[via -profy.com]

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