30 sec tutorial: embed a google map in record time

If you’re a freelance Web Designer like me at some point you will have to create a Google Map. Embedding Google maps used to be a big time hassle, lucky for us its now a lot easier. Lets make our clients happy!


Get a Google Account

To create a custom Google Map you must have a Google account. If you have a google account already skip this step.

Build Your Custom Map

google map tutorial

Go to http://maps.google.com/ and enter your desired address.

Save The Map

google map tutorial

Now you need to save your map by clicking “Save to My Maps”. The next step is to give your map a name and press “save”. Finally you can give your map a description or just select “ok”.

Get Your Code

google map tutorial

We are almost done. In the upper right hand corner press the “Link to this page” link. You will be given two options, one for email and one for websites. Copy all the code in the website section and paste it into your HTML document.

Got Map!

Integrate and upload your file and check out your Map! Now your clients are happy and all your friends are jealous.

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#1 Brian on 09.27.07 at 3:49 am

Great tip.
I wanted a google map on my site.

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