Lightbox clones round-up

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LightBox JS 2.0lightbox.JPG


Demo / Size: 12kb. / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download / modifications:  Lightbox Gone WildLightbox Using iFrame, Lightbox without Lightbox, LightWindow, Multifaceted Lightbox



Demo / Size: 25kb / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download


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Search Del.icio.us & Google at the same time with Deligoo

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deligoo logo

deliGoo is an extension for Firefox (2.0+) and Internet Explorer (6.0+), which is built into your browser in the form of an additional button on the tools’ panel.

deliGoo searches on the sites, indicated in your del.icio.us bookmarks. With its help you can find the necessary page according to any phrase or word, which it contains.

And one more thing – deliGoo can create on your demand custom search engines on any del.icio.us tag.

Each one of us needs to find something one the internet…

Popularity: 4%

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2008 Mashup challenge awards Launch

web awards, web 2.0

In 17 days, on the first of October, Mashup Challenge will launch an international contest, offering developers a competition in a creating a fresh, web 2.0 mashup..

For all of you who do not know precisely what a mashup is, Its is "a combination of two or more available data sources which create a new experience that enriches the abilities of them both by unifying them for a general purpose". For example, Dewspot is a mashup that integrates features of Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, and Flickr into one central service.

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GoogleDrive.com: Future Home of GDrive?


Google has reportedly updated its name servers for GoogleDrive.com, which are now pointing to NSx.GOOGLE.COM. This is often a sign that the domain will be used for a product in the very near future. With the recent and growing speculation surrounding a Google GDrive product that will be integrated with Google Apps, this more than fuels the fire for speculators out there. Nevertheless, it’s still unknown what the GDrive product would actually entail, how it fits in with Google Apps and the company’s larger plans for execution, and if it…

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open source social platforms available today: 10 of the greatest

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Here is a report on some promising open sorce social platforms available today. Not all developers know these projects this is a heads up to them and anyone who wants to start a social network.


It seems that every hour, a new Pligg-based site is born. Pligg is a PHP/MySQL system that allows visitors to submit websites and blogs for voting or ranking. While very similar to Digg, it does offer some additional features, such as trackback support, automatic title discovery, and RSS import functionality. It also has a small community …

Popularity: 11%

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