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Comic viewer: Comical
Comic viewer: FFView

OpenDocument viewing application: ODF Viewer

RSS and Usenet

RSS Reader: Feed

Cross-platform RSS reader: BlogBridge

RSS video podcast player: I/ON

Usenet Reader: OSXnews

IM, IRC, Chat

Powerful IRC client: X-Chat Aqua

Videoconferencing client: XMeeting

PBX / Voip system: Asterisk


Data Recovery Services for Mac

HDRA - mac drive recovery


Graphics and Art

Draw on a moving canvas: Cosmic Painter

Image editor: Seashore

An artwork scaling calculator: Scaletron!

A Paint-like program designed for pixel-pushers: Pixen

A VRML/X3D Browser: FreeWRL


Realtime Editing and Effects System: Jahshaka

Video transcoder: ffmpegX

MPEG convertor: MPEG Streamclip

Music and Audio

OGG Vorbis encoder (ogg is an open source audio codec): Ogg Drop

Music notation: LilyPond

Play and compose live music: Miraton

Max/MSP style realtime music and multimedia environment: Pd

Manage chords, lyrics, and projection: OpenSong

Wifi / Networking

Discover open wifi networks: iStumbler

A Prism/Prism2 driver 802.11: WirelessDriver

Fast, lightweight VNC client: Chicken of the VNC

VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse: OSXvnc


Book management: Books
CD / DVD Burning: SimplyBurns

Disable sleep on a Mac: InsomniaX

Protect your laptop with a car-alarm style alarm: Multialarm

Remove extra languages from OSX to save disk space: Monolingual
System event notifications: Growl

System performance monitors: MenuMeters

Virtual desktop tool: Desktop Manager

Virus checker: ClamXav

Share mouse and keyboard between 2 or more computers: SynergyKM and Quick Synergy

Check available RAM: Memtest

Monitor CPU, RAM, battery, CPU temp, network, I/O, and more: X Resource Graph

Control your Mac via Bluetooth: Romeo

Writing and Typesetting

Screenplay writing and pre-production support: Celtx

Bibliography manager, BibTeX .bib format: BibDesk

Typesetting - TeX previewer for Mac OS X: TeXShop

Typesetting: iTexMac


Education course management system: Moodle

Student information system: Focus / SIS

Another student information system: Centre

Development platform: Eclipse
SQL Editor: YourSQL

Math and Engineering

General purpose computer algebra system: Yacas
GNU S language: R
MATLAB style rapid engineering and scientific prototyping / data processing: FreeMat

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