New Web 2.0 Lavalamp menu a smooth transition effect menu

Lava lamps menus is a smooth transition sliding menu. For an example see the link above, seeing is believing as they say.. This menu is based on the famous javascript
jquery library. And oh yes its free too :) . You have probably seen it elsewhere but no doubt it endows a web 2.0 feel upon that which was constituted of this cool element.
Don`t worry no more waiting for this nifty feature just download here and get building as soon as you want.
want know how to write it yourself? find out at the author’s page or download the package above which includes several working samples.

Also you might want to know this has been released under MIT license so you are virtually free to with it what you want

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#1 Harry on 10.19.07 at 4:33 am

I have this working, I altered it slightly to work with the site I am building but I can not get the links to work in FF Mac. i will try tomorrow for FF PC and for IE, but for right now I can not get the links to open the corresponding pages in FF Mac. I can right click and open them in a new tab. i worked with the z-index of all the content but nothing. I took my new menu added it to your demo script and it doesn’t work there either..any help would be appreciated.

#2 Alex on 12.07.07 at 9:05 pm

I have exactly the same problem as Harry has talked about in FF PC and IE. if you take out the ‘click’ callback function the links work but then the lava gif reverts to the first item in the list instead of staying put?

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