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Search Del.icio.us & Google at the same time with Deligoo

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deliGoo is an extension for Firefox (2.0+) and Internet Explorer (6.0+), which is built into your browser in the form of an additional button on the tools’ panel.

deliGoo searches on the sites, indicated in your del.icio.us bookmarks. With its help you can find the necessary page according to any phrase or word, which it contains.

And one more thing – deliGoo can create on your demand custom search engines on any del.icio.us tag.

Each one of us needs to find something one the internet now and then, using search engines or social bookmarking sites or other data sources, but often you will find that you will spend more time finding rare or good resources on regular SE’s (google,yahoo. msn etc) than on social bookmarking sites like for example del.icio.us.

Why do we ask is well to understand this you only have to look at the way SE’s index content and social bookmark sites "collect" content,the first one is more sided to the SE because it uses its own automatic algorithyms to rank and orden site content, and a Social bookmark site has a bias towards user submitted content and the data it associates with the submitted content. now you no longer have to search both, Deligoo combines the power of the SE with the power of social bookmarking.

Deligo seemingly uses the google search api to collect this data and combines it with del.ico.us’s results, the only downside is it has google advertising integrated..oh well

Examples of deliGoo using

I remember exactly, that I have saved the link to this article in del.icio.us! But I cannot find it – whatever I do…

Is the situation familiar to you? We have found a decision!

deliGoo searches not on the description of the link and not on the tags’ names – but exactly on the text of the page or site, the link to which you have saved! Now it is sufficient to remember, what the article was about – and here you are – you’ve got it!

Already in the process of work on deliGoo we understood – after all, it can search not only on the bookmarks of one user, but also on a certain tag, used by many users of del.icio.us.

It turns out that with the help of deliGoo you can create in two clicks specialized search engines on your interests, using the sites which have been selected by thousands of del.icio.us users!

Just point out the tag “football” – and your little Google is ready. It searches on thousands of sites of these themes.

Feed the tag “recipes” to deliGoo – and give pleasure to your mother. May be something delicious will come to your way?

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