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77 amazing Vector buttons hot off the Press!

77 Vector Buttons Preview

Do not have the time to make a custom vector button? Wish a few stylish ones would come your way? Need a little inspiration? Here is small set of 77 high quality vector buttons we have put together for you, hoping it will save you some button making troublesomeness’s on your design queries. You can download them in Adobe Illustrator. If you do not use Illustrator there is also a .jpg/.svg image supplied for your convenience. They are free to use but mentioning us is always welcome off course!

Popularity: 23%

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Compilation of css menus to inspire

Css menus are stylish and easy loading all the more if they are in the new trend setting Web 2.0. Modern web navigation mainly uses Css because of its accessibility and UI features. No wonder that with new projects, developers mainly, if not exclusively choose this form of navigation.

Sometimes supporting icons and other decoration but features such as rounded corners and he like offer plenty of alternatives. The part that makes Web 2.0 menus distinct is their easily recognizable lively trend colors.

Lively and appealing are their trademarks Most of these colors I had found and extracted from current web…

Popularity: 20%

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Color tools, theory,schemes and references all the best in one neat place

I thought what the heck… a lot of us need color tools and references ‘n stuff, but the internet is so big we designers have to scour like under every rock to find the best and coolest tools which are good, FREE and easy to use and get the job done pronto.


Online Color Tools

I Like Your Colors

Pull color schemes from existing websites automatically

HTML Color Code Combination Chooser

Online color scheme generator


Create color palettes, or search existing color libraries


Create and share…

Popularity: 15%

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Lightbox clones round-up

LightBox JS 2.0lightbox.JPG


Demo / Size: 12kb. / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download / modifications:  Lightbox Gone WildLightbox Using iFrame, Lightbox without Lightbox, LightWindow, Multifaceted Lightbox



Demo / Size: 25kb / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download


Popularity: 18%

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New Web 2.0 Lavalamp menu a smooth transition effect menu

Lava lamps menus is a smooth transition sliding menu. For an example see the link above, seeing is believing as they say.. This menu is based on the famous javascript
jquery library. And oh yes its free too :) . You have probably seen it elsewhere but no doubt it endows a web 2.0 feel upon that which was constituted of this cool element.
Don`t worry no more waiting…

Popularity: 7%

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