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Maxtango: E-card sharing made simple!

Maxtango is e-card service that allowed people to share and send e-card designs. You can design your own e-card or use e-card that already available. Easy to use just design, write and send. You can choose flash and text/image based cards. Al in all it’s not a bad idea if you want to send an original e-cards for your friends to your friends or colleagues or just show off your design skills.

Popularity: 13%

Propeller.com: Netscape Social News Site has a new home


Last week, it was announced that the social news site Netscape had been transformed into a year ago was going way, with Netscape becoming a more classic news portal and "social Netscape" to be moved elsewhere. Now we know where elsewhere is: Propeller.com (now live!).

Social News Update from the Netscape Blog informs people of the change but gives no timing as to when it will happen other than "soon." I’m somewhat amazed there’s …

Popularity: 12%

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open source social platforms available today: 10 of the greatest

Here is a report on some promising open sorce social platforms available today. Not all developers know these projects this is a heads up to them and anyone who wants to start a social network.


It seems that every hour, a new Pligg-based site is born. Pligg is a PHP/MySQL system that allows visitors to submit websites and blogs for voting or ranking. While very similar to Digg, it does offer some additional features, such as trackback support, automatic title discovery, and RSS import functionality. It also has a small community …

Popularity: 11%

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BlipBack - Video commenting widget

BlipBack is a funky new service that offers you offer video comments on your website or blog you can even place it on your profile on one of your fav social networks.

Enabling your users to give "live" feedback and comments trough integration with your webcam. The player has a sleek look similar to whatyou recognize from video-widgets fom other video networks such as youtube, showing thumbnails of other commentators and the rating of each comment. Comments are sortable from old-to new and vice-versa, or by rating. I am actually quite enthousiatic about…

Popularity: 4%

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