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126 ajax tutorials from novice to guru

Getting Started

  1. An Ajax Hello World project to Get You Going : First program at Mike On Code
  2. Rasmus 30 second AJAX Tutorial : first program using Ajax at CoderLab
  3. Instant Tutorial : Quick tutorial at AleemBawany
  4. Ajax Toybox : Simple first programs including, Hello, World, Dynamic City, State Lookup, Ajax…

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CSSVista: Tweak CSS and see it in IE and Firefox at the same time

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously.

The software is brought to us by the authors of Litmus, a tool that tests your websites on a set of browsers.


Download now (v0.15, Windows XP/Vista only, 8.9mb. Uninstaller included.)



Popularity: 15%

MIT researched new way to build web 2.0 applications in (almost)no time & effort

The people of SIMILE (a subdepartment of the prestigious MIT university) surprise us with exhibit 2.0, a flaming hot new API that allows us to create presentations of virtually anything without the use of traditional databases and and expert knowledge.

Whether you want to plot one million google map[tutorial] markers on a map, or want to display the Nobel prize winners in an elegant scale with Timeline or Timeplot it can all be done easily with their javascript API which…

Popularity: 14%

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Lightbox clones round-up

LightBox JS 2.0lightbox.JPG


Demo / Size: 12kb. / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download / modifications:  Lightbox Gone WildLightbox Using iFrame, Lightbox without Lightbox, LightWindow, Multifaceted Lightbox



Demo / Size: 25kb / Framework: Prototype, script.aculo.us / Download


Popularity: 18%

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