Top 100 best open source mac software

Here are some of the most easy to use and useful open source mac tools and gears round the block. See everything from messenger, email clients, writing , listening to music, browsing or even running windows Software on am mac if you like. Take a peek it’s worth your while if you're a mac user and don’t want to pay outrageous amounts for propriety software that in most occasions isn’t even remotely better.

If you like windows open source instead try over here instead.

IM - Instant Messaging



Why install three separate instant messengers when…

Popularity: 86%

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126 ajax tutorials from novice to guru

Getting Started

  1. An Ajax Hello World project to Get You Going : First program at Mike On Code
  2. Rasmus 30 second AJAX Tutorial : first program using Ajax at CoderLab
  3. Instant Tutorial : Quick tutorial at AleemBawany
  4. Ajax Toybox : Simple first programs including, Hello, World, Dynamic City, State Lookup, Ajax…

Popularity: 29%

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Now you can code Css like a pro with these 101 awesome CSS Resources

css is a cool and easy way to separate content from design on your sites. here are 101 resources that will help you whether your a novice or a pro full of tips & tricks and techniques, clean your code, and hit the ground running with pre-made layouts.

CSS Templates and Layouts

A collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download! - blog.html.it
CSS Layouts - layouts.ironmyers.com

Popularity: 64%

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Social bookmarking sites uncovered Listed [300+] all tested and live

Social bookmarking sites have become immensely popular managing them can and keeping track of which to use has become a work upon it’s own hereby i have made and updated a list which has nearly all(worth mentioning) social bookmark sites one could possibly need, be it for SEO purposes, general leisure, profile/traffic building, improving your blog or sites authority i can almost guarantee you this list will serve you well.

For those of you who do not who what it is, let me explain briefly; Social bookmarking is a way for Internet…

Popularity: 33%

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Compilation of css menus to inspire

Css menus are stylish and easy loading all the more if they are in the new trend setting Web 2.0. Modern web navigation mainly uses Css because of its accessibility and UI features. No wonder that with new projects, good causes, developers mainly, if not exclusively choose this form of navigation.

Sometimes supporting icons and other decoration but features such as rounded corners and he like offer plenty of alternatives. The part that makes Web 2.0 menus distinct is their easily recognizable lively trend colors.

Lively and appealing are their trademarks Most of these colors I had found and extracted from current web…

Popularity: 26%

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